Wooden Flooring

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Real wood, solid wood, hardwood or simply wooden flooring we believe is the finest flooring solution that you can choose for your home. Whether you're just looking for a new floor to go in your kitchen or living room, or a commercial venue, wood flooring can add a rich depth and visual appeal to any environment.

Real hardwood flooring comes in a variety of finishes including lacquered and oiled wood as well as unfinished options. So make an impact with hardwood flooring today - it's not only durable, but also a timeless and elegant flooring choice. The Natural solid Oak flooring Grade means this floor will come with Knots and colour variation for a natural looking floor surface.

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This floor can be installed by secret nailing to an existing wooden subfloor or by sticking down to a concrete subfloor. Solid wood flooring offers you both a natural and an organic option, an option you will find is always a very tough and long-lasting one.

It is also the ideal choice for environmentally friendly flooring because solid wood flooring is produced with timber from sustainable forests so each tree which is chopped down is replaced. Hardwood floors usually come in a two different species of timber – the extremely popular oak flooring or ash floors as well as a selection of colours.

Unfinished wood is also available for the authentic rustic appearance you can get from wooden floors and this can be stained or finished to your personal taste. With the right maintenance solid wood flooring will last for a life time and has qualities which artificial flooring would find difficult to match!

As part of our service we give you the freedom to purchase from anywhere, with the added peace of mind that your carpet or flooring will be always be fitted to the highest standard. Contact Us now for a free & non obligatory quotation and any other questions or advice you may need ...