Underlay & Gripper

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Underlay Flooring Advice
At Variety Flooring we always say that you should try to buy the best you can afford this helps to prolong the life of your carpet and helps to deaden any noise caused by walking around the floor.

It can also act as insulation to help to keep you fuel bills down and heat in. Carpets with a felt backing designed for being used without underlay can be used with underlay this gives you an extra thickness to your new floor covering

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Underlay Types

• PU Foam Carpet Underlay
• Waffle Rubber Carpet Underlay
• Crumb Rubber Carpet Underlay
• Combination Carpet Underlay
• Wood Flooring & Laminate Underlay

As part of our service we give you the freedom to purchase from anywhere, with the added peace of mind that your carpet or flooring will be always be fitted to the highest standard. Contact Us now for a free & non obligatory quotation and any other questions or advice you may need ...