Screeding & Gluing

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Quite often concrete floors will have uneven patches, channels which have been chased out to install pipes for central heating and not filled back to a level, ridges or gaps where a wall has been removed or a room extended, etc.

Many of these imperfections will be too small to the human eye to notice through a carpet with underlay, but some may be worth attending to before the fitting, to remove the possibility of an unsightly ridge or dip in your carpet which will annoy you and may cause premature wear in some cases.

Vinyl on the other hand is quite unforgiving of imperfections and always demands a very high standard of sub-floor for the optimal finished appearance. Another critical issue with Vinyl is that it will likely have an allergic reaction with bitumen based sub-floors and adhesives which will affect its appearance and shorten it's usable lifespan.

Various types of screed and self-levelling compounds are available for smoothing, covering and repairing solid floors. Our fitters are trained to identify potential issues and advise the best solution.

Plywood fitting and Hardboard
Wooden floors, especially floorboards, are particularly prone to unevenness from shifting, warping, and the attention of plumbers and electricians! 

Chopping through a section of floorboard to gain access to the ceiling void below usually results in the floorboard being replaced at not quite the same height or alignment as its neighbours. The aging process of wood, made worse by damp conditions, often causes floorboards to warp slightly upwards at the edges, causing parallel ridges across the length of the room. It can be quite distressing to install a quality underlay and carpet only to find that you have rows of parallel ridges showing through your carpet across the entire room.

The most straightforward solution to unevenness in a wooden floor is to nail or screw down Plywood or Hardboard over the entire floor area. Plywood is the recommended medium as it is more robust and damp resistant than hardboard, and also is available in a variety of standard thicknesses to be used depending on the severity of the sub-floor condition. Hardboard is less expensive than plywood, and while in some cases may be acceptable as a substitute is inferior in every aspect but cost. Care must be taken when applying plywood or hardboard that all screw or nail heads are flush with the surface and will not work themselves out and cause rows of bumps under the floor covering.

At Variety Flooring, our fitters are well trained and experienced in the installation of plywood and hardboard products, and can advise you as to what the ideal solution would be for your individual floors.

As part of our service we give you the freedom to purchase from anywhere, with the added peace of mind that your carpet or flooring will be always be fitted to the highest standard. Contact Usnow for a free & non obligatory quotation and any other questions or advice you may need ...