Laminate Flooring

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Laminate flooring is a material that brings together the synthetic and the natural, combining the appearance of natural wood with a wood backing, making it a firm and solid flooring surface that can look just like a hardwood - or other surfaces - while not actually being one!

It can come in varying grades, thicknesses and colours, with this combination of the natural and artificial allowing a wide variety of choice to be on offer. There are even a variety of options which can be used as bathroom laminate flooring.

One great advantage of laminate floors are the cost - because of its very nature, cheap laminate flooring is able to mimic more expensive materials without the unnecessary expense. However, the price cuts do not mean lower quality. These laminate floors come with warranties of 20 years or more - some are even lifetime warranties.

V-Groove Laminate Flooring
One type of laminate flooring that we supply is V-groove laminate flooring. It has an interlocking design that enables the planks to fit together so closely and smoothly that they offer a seamless surface. This provides an immaculate, uniform appearance, which is very easy to clean because there are no joins for dust or dirt to get trapped in.

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Dark Laminate Flooring
There are well over 100+ dark laminate flooring varieties to choose from, produced by several different manufacturers and suppliers. These varieties are ideal if you are aiming for a glamorous flooring option. with products that emulate a range of woods, including the very popular Oak and Walnut as well as a softer, lighter Ash.

There are many different species of wood to choose from in our laminate range and many are styles which would be difficult to find in solid wood flooring, such as Hickory or Panga. Wood effect colours vary from red, brown and dark amber shades to deep greys and black and slate and tile effect flooring are also available in both plain and patterned shades. Black laminate flooring is the most distinctive colour.

Light Laminate Flooring
There are again nearly 100+ light laminate flooring products, with a number of pale varieties such as imitation Teak, Oak and Maple in light brown and yellow shades. There are also pale greys available, imitating materials such as Concrete and Clay.

Plank Laminate Flooring
There are many varieties of plank laminate flooring available from several suppliers, offering a vast range of choice. These products have square-edged planks that mean the edges meet and fit together perfectly, creating a smooth surface.

Commercial Laminate Flooring
Commercial laminate flooring comes with its own particular attributes to meet the needs of businesses which generally have a much higher rate of foot traffic than domestic properties.

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